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By The Way

The Duo That Rocks ........

Terry Worland - Lead Vocals & Guitar

Born 1978 in the NSW country town of Cowra, Terry grew up on a crop and cattle farm in Tullibigeal, NSW. He has been strumming the guitar since the age of five, but got serious with it from the age of twelve when he attended Yanco Agricultural College.

After ag college, Terry attended Charles Sturt University in Wagga for three years where he started playing in bands to satisfy his craving for playing live music. One of these bands, "Babies Born Ugly", turned out to be quite successful on the local pub circuit, and also got many gigs over the next three and a half years in various NSW country towns. The band even got a reputation as far afield as Norfolk Island, where they were exported to twice to play new year's eve gigs in 1999 and 2000.

Since arriving in Darwin a few years ago, Terry has played in a couple of local bands that "never went on with it".

In mid March 2004, Terry answered an ad in the paper from Steve, who was looking for a singer to form a duo which would play classic rock music from all decades. The boys arranged a meeting to discuss their musical aspirations, and despite their age difference, discovered that their musical interests were closely aligned. They arranged an initial practice session, and five weeks after meeting played their first live gig, albiet not with a full repertoir. They played their second gig, with a full repertoir, three weeks later.

Steve Hughes - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

Born in 1952 in Sydney Australia, Steve moved to New Guinea at the age of nine. It was here that he first heard the sound of Hank Marvin's guitar in the music of "The Shadows". This was the sound that sowed the seed for Steve to learn the instrument.

In 1967 Steve came back to Australia to attend boarding school at Wolaroi Agricultural College in Orange NSW, which is where he got the opportunity to get his hands on his first guitar.

Eighteen months later, Steve was included as rhythm player in a band formed by the school's ace guitar player. This band played at school socials, and even managed to get a gig in the local town. Steve was hooked!

For the next thirteen years Steve was in various bands playing popular rock and roll music of the time in and around Port Moresby, and in Darwin from 1973. The most notable band he was in during this period was a Darwin rock n' roll covers band called "Bone Idol", noted for its excellent renditions of the Dire Straits classics, Sultans of Swing and Down to the Waterline, and Richard Clapton's Dark Spaces. Bone Idol was Bo Diddley's backing band when he played in Darwin for two nights during 1983, and was also the local band chosen to open a mega music concert at the Darwin Amphitheatre in 1983, which featured amongst other international acts the likes of The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Platters, Hermans Hermits and The Troggs.

In the mid 1980's Steve sort of "hung up" his guitar, as his business and new family placed too many demands on his time. He never really intended to stop playing, it just sort of happened that way, and eighteen years went by where he was lucky if he picked up the guitar once a year.

For Christmas 2002, his wife gave him "The Shadows 30 Greatest All Time Hits". This turned out to be a new beginning. Steve was out of work at the time, and so blew the dust of his 62 Fender Strat and started to re-learn the Shadows tracks he had known some thirty years previously. Four months later he was out playing in the clubs around Darwin under the name "Solo Output".

It didn't take him long to realise that working a solo act was boring, especially when you weren't playing your favourite rock music! In mid March 2004, Steve put an ad in the paper looking for a vocalist, and "By The Way" was born!



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