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Stainless Steal

A 4 peice quality rock outfit based in Darwin, rocking the NT since March 2004.

Band Members

Amos - Lead Vocals / Guitar

Jez - Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals

Greame - Bass / Backing Vocals

Scotty - Drums / Backing Vocals

For some time now Stainless Steal has been rocking the bars, clubs and pubs in Darwin, Humpty Doo, Coroboree Park, Groote Island and Katherine. They've done some miles!


Amos, previously a 12-string soloist from Adelaide headed to Darwin and teamed up with local guitar legend Jez for a jam that ended with a vision of forming the premier rock band in Darwin.

Drummer Scotty has played in the NT with various artists, and after a chance meeting with Jez at the pub they had a few jam sessions and hooked up together in December 2003.

Finding a bass player proved a challenge until meeting Greame at the farewell jam of a previous bassplayer at the Darwin ski club. Amos and Jez were jamming with many different bass players until Greame stepped on stage and effortlessly played bass for an awesome set.

Greame had played alongside Scotty in earlier times and the reunion galvanized the Stainless Steal rhythm section.

The Year That Was ..... 2004

Having started out in March 2004, Stainless Steal had many irons in the fire and went on to play 24 shows before Christmas.

Performing mostly at regional pubs and taverns in the Top End, Stainless Steal has been sharpened to a keen edge at places like the Karama Tavern and the Humpty Doo Hotel where they still pull a crowd out of the woodwork.

In December 2004 the Christmas season had many highlights for the Stainless Steal boyz. One great night performing at Marrara Stadium for Minister Ah-Kits DCDSCA Christmas Party. Thenů.the next weekend, a flight to Groote Island for the annual Gemco Christmas bash, returning to Darwin to play for the Perkins Shipping mob the next night. The following weekend saw two great nights in Katherine at the Sports and Recreation Club and then the Golf and Country Club on Saturday night.

Get Ready To Rock In 2005 & Beyond

A well rehearsed outfit with an extensive song selection of great party-tunes, the good times roll as Stainless Steal hit their straps. The boyz are qualified doctors of ROCK, certified in good vibrations, and amongst the best live music entertainment packages currently working in the Northern Territory.



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