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Cinco Locos

The mind is strong and yet the body is weary. Toward the end of a cinco loco set brains are stimulated and yet perplexed as to how a body can still be ferociously dancing after such a barrage of beat driven bombs.


To best describe the music of cinco locos it is best to enter “casa del la cinco locos” ; the home of cinco locos.

A solid foundation of breaks is laid down in the most fertile of soils; breaks designed to address the human yearning for the ‘thumpiest’ of kicks to the crispest of snare to cut through the mix…..as we all know one cannot build a house on sand. Once the foundations are laid the framework is erected. A framework not of pine or of mahognany but dubbed out deep bass lines hitting the punters deep in their intestine causing an involuntary head nodding action to commence. If you experience this, it should subside shortly after the show but if nodding persists please consult your doctor.

Next the brickwork is added to the frame marrying integrally with it. Providing the mortar and trowal is the master of skank, the upsetter of upstroke; toefu. As with the bass, the guitar is another cause of involuntary head nodding action.

The windows and doors allow a melodic breeze to blow through the house, a breeze which holds the infectious and contagious tones of the tenor saxaphone. From haunting dub winds to soulful summery jazz breezes the sax blows right through the house.
Come inside, there's a Mexican painting on a wall perched above an old record player with grandmaster flash on the platter, across form this sits a portrait of a jamacan rum bottle and over in the corner is a comfy couch. The vocals are the eclecticness of the house; from latino harmonies to rhythmical rapping to dub chorus’ they complete the house in the most apt manner. All you have to do is come inside la casa del la cinco loco.

From the Spanish meaning “Five Crazies”, Cinco Locos present as an energetic mix of electronica, jazz, dub and latino sounds. Cutting and pasting their influences from across the globe, they seamlessly blend genres into an exotic and danceable sound. Their new set covers chilled out dub explorations and some distinctly Cuban influenced music. Branching out in a new direction this year means these guys can cater for a diverse range of people and venues.

Performing in and around Darwin for 2 years, Cinco Locos have gained national radio exposure through ABC’s Radio National and live performance on The Triple J Breakfast Show. This led to one of their tracks being used as the outro theme in Adam and Will's show for 6 months.

Gig highlights include Darwin’s Fringe Festival, Original Recipe Festival, the Darwin Festival Club and playing on the back of a float in a street parade. They also supported The Waifs in October '02 and were chosen for Adelaide's “Eat The Street” music festival and Music Business Adelaide conference. Cinco Locos are a driving force behind The Elements HipHop Festival in Darwin.

Outside of Cinco Locos, bass player Phil Eaton has toured extensively with Drum Drum including tours of the United States and the U.K., including playing at the Queen’s 50th Jubilee celebration last year. Singer Byron Williams is a founding member of Sydney hip hop oufit The Herd, who have had extensive play on Triple J as well as Rage and Fly TV. Trumpet player Jodie Kell has busked her way around Japan and is currently teaching music in aboriginal communities. Justin runs his own studio and when he’s not writing new tunes for Cinco, he’s freelancing for other musicians and film companies. Ingrid uses her musical talents as a youth worker and championing the cause of women in music on her weekly radio show.



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