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Culture Connect

One of the most multicultural and diverse cities in the world Darwin is a young, vibrant city that encourages experimentation and innovation, perfect for exploring Hip Hop.

"There is a freedom to Hip-Hop in that there are not so many rules relating to structure and content allowing you to experiment with language and rhyme. It is a very free style that allows you to express yourself with the only constraint being your creativity."

It took less than a year for Culture Connect to make its mark on the nation.

From being chosen as finalists in the Channel V "Leg up" competition Culture Connect quickly went on to record "Check 1, 2" for Triple J who added this track to their high rotation list. Then in November CC were chosen to perform at the "Peoplescape" concert in Canberra. This concert, a grand finale for the Centenary of Federation was broadcast live to the nation by the ABC.

Following this star-studded event, Culture Connect spent a couple of days in Sydney doing a low-key, underground performance at the Hopetoun hotel with Morganics before heading to Adelaide to perform at the Music Business Awards and record their song 'Actuality' for the Eat the Street's showcase album. Before heading back to Darwin, Culture Connect hooked up with SBS in Melbourne to record for their 'Whatever' music project.

And they have only just begun. In 2003 Culture Connect, continue too storm Australia and begin to test the international market with their exciting, uniquely Australian hip-hop.

As rapper Vadim says: "Hip-Hop is both the music and the message, the creation of something incredibly funky that delivers a message, or a story. In our Hip-Hop we consciously talk about issues that relate to us as individuals. We talk about issues like multiculturalism, positivity and respect but steer away from aping the styles of America or Europe.

"Culture Connect's message is Unity, appropriate for a group whose seven members represent six different cultures. The three MC's 20-year-old Haitian Born Song writer/MC Vadim, Liam from Australia/ Zimbabwe and Kojo From Ghana are joined by Airi Ingram from PNG on Keys, James Mangohig from the Philippines on Bass and Australians Mark Smith on kit and Evan Saunders on Guitar.

Members of Culture Connect Airi and Mark regularly tour internationally as part of the leading pacific world music group Drum Drum. The members of Culture Connect are also involved with running indigenous music education workshops throughout the Northern Territory.

A Culture Connect performance is a showcase of urban rhymes and funky beats. It is Australian Hip-Hop with a worldwide flavour. Check it out soon and experience Culture Connect.


Channel V - Leg up Finalist - Performed live on Channel V
Triple J - Live on Breakfast Show
Closing of Arafura Games
"Hip-Hop up Top" - Triple J Hip-Hop concert
Regurgitator Support - Darwin
"Peoplescape - The concert" - Canberra, National Broadcast
Live on Channel V's "By Demand"
Hope-toun Hotel, Surry Hills, Sydney
Music Business Adelaide
SBS recording, Melbourne
"The Laundry", Melbourne
Alice Springs
"Cross Connections" Symposium - 2002 Adelaide Festival
Spielgeltent - Adelaide Festival 2002
Rhino Room - Adelaide with Morganics
Film Clip for "Stand Tall" Filmed in Darwin October 2002
Hope-toun Hotel - Sydney
SBS showcase - Revolver, Melbourne


Our song "Check 1,2" was added to High Rotation on Triple J
Live recording for Triple J (Aus Music Show)
Feature Story on Noise Festival Television show
Feature Article in HQ magazine
Feature act in SBS "Whatever" music series
Feature article in "Request" Street press (NSW)
Airplay on 2SER Community Radio in NSW
Airplay on 5DDD in Adelaide
Australia Television Documentary


Culture Connect is featured on the SBS "Whatever Sessions" CD released Nationally through Universal Music.




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