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Drum Drum

'Drum Drum' is an English translation of Gaba Gaba, a village on the South Coast of PNG and the birthplace of Dum Drum's lead singer, Tau Ingram, and heritage of its Musical Director Airileke Ingram.

Now based in Darwin in the far north of Australia, Tau, Airi and the other members of Drum Drum are undoubtedly one of the most innovative contemporary groups in the South Pacific featuring dancers and classically trained musicians from PNG, Fiji and Australia.

"Drum Drum may be the biggest thing to emerge out of the Northern Territory since Yothu Yindi…...both funky and hauntingly beautiful at the same time." (Low down Magazine)

With over 800 languages and 3000 dialects Papua New Guinea is one of the most diverse countries in the world. From this rich cultural diversity Drum Drum have created a truly unique style of contemporary performance, merging the traditional with the contemporary, South Pacific chants and log drumming with western instruments and music styles.

"Drum Drum's contemporary music ranges from hypnotic and invigorating rhythms of the log drums to a funky dance fusion, where ancient traditional instruments and chants are reborn with an influence of Funk, Ska, and Soul." (ABC Radio National)

Dance is also a highlight and Drum Drum's performances include a number of traditional songs and dances, many of which have never previously been performed outside of Papua New Guinea. Traditional costume and body paint also evoke the ritual origins of the dynamic log drumming and chants.

"A vibrant, energetic celebration of culture….. a joyful journey through the cultures of the Pacific." (The Australian)

Drum Drum have travelled extensively through PNG and draw on traditional music and dances of various regions including - Bird dances and Kundu drumming from Morobe province, Rain dances and chants from Gaba Gaba coastal village, log drumming (garamut) from the Manus Islands and Fertility and Festive dances from the Trobriand Islands.

"Explosive energy." (Drum Media)

Over the years Drum Drum have developed a strong educational program to accompany their performances. They have conducted school and festival workshops across Australia and the United States with much success and are currently working with children in indigenous Aboriginal communities across the Northern Territory.

Having recently signed with a US agent, SRO Artists, Drum Drum look forward to touring the States in February 2005. This year will also see Drum Drum tour to Europe and the United Kingdom in July and perform throughout Australia in this, their 10th Anniversary season.

International & National Performances



Adelaide Fringe Festival
Port Fairy Folk Festival
World Beat Festival - Brisbane
World Music Café - Brisbane
Riddu Riddu Festival Norway
Womad UK

WOMAD - Australia
USA Tour through August - October
Opening of the Festival of Darwin
Tour of Papua New Guinea



United States of America:
Pittsuburgh International Children's Festival
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Madison, Wisconsin


SFINKS festival - Belgium

United Kingdom:
Fierce Festival - London
BBC Music Live in Hyde Park - Jubilee Celebrations
Jubilee Parade - London
Manchester Commonwealth Games



United States of America
Jan 27 - Feb 25:

Whitefish - Montana
Missoula - Montana

Pocatello - Iowa
Paonia - Colorado
Carbondale- Colorado
Madison - Wisconsin
Pensacola - Florida




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