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“Time Flies is a very impressive and long overdue debut LP.” Whammo July 03

“Time Flies will surprise those used to the assault of “Same Old Song”, but it’ll creep up on you like a python warming under the midday Sun.” – Robyn Doreian 4 stars Rolling Stone Sept 2003

“…there are some ball tearing tunes on here, and some of the most biting, heart felt performances you’ll hear anywhere.” – DL Blunt Sept 2003

NoKTuRNL have always been a tough band to pin down, and it continues on their debut album. Groove driven metal…, slick, middle of the road pop/rock…, rap metal…, and rock n’ rap tinged funk… are just some of the styles traversed over the course of its 12 radio friendly tracks.” KKK Kerrang Aug 03

“Time Flies…really does feel like an album. All the songs fit together perfectly and the disc makes a statement as a whole, not just as a bunch of songs strung together. This album definitely shows a band who have got what it takes to rise above the rest” Luke Balzan Rip It Up Aug 03

Time Flies “…is a selection of matured sounds, infectious hooks, powerful messages and heart felt lyrical content, all tied together with exact musicianship” Whammo July 03

As usual NoKTuRNL have the critics talking, this time with the release in July of their long awaited debut album Time Flies. The only negative criticism seems to be that it doesn’t fit in any convenient box. For the fans this is the very thing that stands out, they are not like any of their other favourite bands, but they are like all of them.With Time Flies NoKTuRNL have transcended the short term trends of popular culture and fashion. Time Flies resonates with the times, but stands apart from much of the current output of the rock industry. It combines pop sensibilities and true lyrical substance with metal and progressive rock guitar ideas. Layered guitar textures and harmonies as well as big riffs mean it will appeal to hard rock aficionados as much as fans of the thoughtful singer songwriter. It’s mood morphs from heavy and aggressive to atmospheric to anthemic. As one fan said, “… your songs have different levels to them. You can listen to the music, and enjoy each song for that, or listen intently to the lyrics and be genuinely surprised at the possible meanings”.

Currently at radio is the pop driven Sail Away. Inspired by the plight of refugees, the song extrapolates to any situation that you don’t have any control over. A new clip for Sail Away, currently on rotation on free to air as well as cable TV, brings home the message of the song. Cleverly using desert landscape still photographs intermingled with studio performance shots, the clip sets new standards for Australian bands wanting to portray a sense of place. NoKTuRNL come from the regional and isolated town of Alice Springs. It has always been a challenge to work with image makers to convey what they might be without resorting to the cliches that many city people have of those who don’t live in Australia’s capital cities. A similar plight confronts all Australian bands when they want to market their product overseas.NoKTuRNL have been nominated in three categories at this years Deadly’s – the National Indigenous Music Awards - Album of the Year for Time Flies; Single of the Year for Sail Away and Band of the Year. NoKTuRNL won band of the year in 1998 and 2000.Since signing with Festival Mushroom Records in December 1999, NoKTuRNL have released 3 CD’s: the ARIA nominated 3 track debut Neva Mend, the 5 track EP Unveiled and the 2001 single Haterz. Many of the songs from these releases have been included on compilations.


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