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Sex In The Desert

‘SIND’ are a new local combo with raw, powerful & passionate original material. This band has been playing together and creating original music in the studio for the last 8 months, and they are now ready to start playing in local venues.

‘SIND’ are Teena Sutton (Vocals), Rod Fitzgerald (Sax), Neil Carter (Drums), Phil Teschke (Bass) and Dave Bennett (Guitar) all have been past performers waiting for the right combination of players which would entice them back onto the stage with an energy and originality of the type Darwin has been craving.

Original music is a central and passionate foundation for this band and they are very keen to get topical and thought provoking ideas out into the community, without touching on tiring baseline politics, through dynamic live performance. If songs like, Cane Toad Kingdom, Forty Fat and Funky, and Artificial Lover sound interesting, this band is a must to see live.

Teena’s haunting voice, wailing sax lines, cutting guitar and a rock solid rhythm section all add up the Australian Original Style of Rock and Roll that has kept Australian Musicians on a world stage for so long.

As a locally based combo, which believes in being involved within the local community, they will appeal to an audience who appreciates the innovation and creativity that only local original bands can bring to a local scene dominated by interstate ‘cover bands’. ‘Sex in the Desert’ would like to inspire a new movement in local original music and nothing will stop them from trying.

This powerful quirky band is hoping to now gain exposure within the Darwin market, and will be suitable as a Touring Band support act, or for local hotel residencies from Mid February 2004. During the course of this year the band is aiming to self-finance recording of their material for release of a CD later this year.


Song List

Catepillar - In the Desert - Geisha - Spiders Waltz

Cane Toad Kingdom - Lucky Moment - Devotion - Coober Pedy

Future Expectations - Fly and Roar - Bad Trouble - Litigation - Hesitation

Boomerang - Forty Fat and Funky - Little Bits and Pieces

Rock Sitter - Everything She Wants - Artificial Lover

Pretty - Monkey Love


"Pretty" Lyrics

Pretty he was such a lonely lighthouse, he was stuck out in the middle of the room. Couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk to the other side, he’s in a limbo, he’s in a daze.

At the Jazz Ball he danced, in a world of his own, he’s riding high on himself and the smell of a fragrant rose.

Pretty, pretty, such and ugly man

Pretty, pretty, such a portrait of you

But he’ll love you if you love him,

Were not ashamed to make him our friend

He’s in a world of his own,

He’s riding high on himself,

Yes he’s god by himself.

One step and your inside his lightship, take care not to touch his wick, we can look, feel, see his library. You can’t explain there’s a man inside.

Copyright R.Bennett



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