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Bass In The Grass

Saturday 04 June 2005
9.30 am - 11.30 pm

Darwin Amphitheatre - Darwin Botanic Gardens

BASSINTHEGRASS is a day long feast of music for young Territorians - and those young at heart - and is one of the best events of the year.

It brings local and national bands right here to your backyard.

The variety of bands has also proven popular with 5000 fans attending the inaugural event in 2003 and 6000 in 2004.

This year, with your support, we are planning another popular, action packed BASSINTHEGRASS.

You’ll love the line-up of bands we have in store and on the June 4 the amphitheatre will come to life for BASSINTHEGRASS 05.

I hope to see you there.


The bands (not in playing order) are; You Am I, Regurgitator, Little Birdie, Evermore, Nabarlek (Aria award winning Territory band), Vanessa Amorosi, Anthony Callea, Tammin, The Spazzys, Thirsty Merc, The Flairz, Black Chapel (Territory band), Test Theory (Territory band), Pop Fantastic (Territory band) and Storm Riders (Territory band).

What you need to know

Gates open 9.30am until 11.00pm on 4 June 2005

St John Ambulance Officers and Police will be patrolling the event.

Security will be in place to ensure a safe event.

Crash barriers will be in place with security at the front of the stage.

No glass bottles, no sharp objects, no aerosol cans, no Alcohol, and no illegal substances are to be taken into the event. Water may also be sprayed on the audience in this area so mobile phones and cameras are at risk. Remember to consider others as well as your own safety, especially in front of stages. If someone falls down or is in distress please help them if you can or let the Security know so we can help. It's meant to be a fun day, let's make sure it is.

Tickets must be attached to the hats. Hats must be presented at the gate, gate staff will tear off the ticket.

Keep hydrated, make use of the complimentary water!

Wear sensible shoes and clothes. Avoid wearing jewellery that could potentially harm yourself or others.

Bringing a bag or pack is handy but remember that security will search it for sharps, aerosols, alcohol or video cameras.

Don’t presume that the laws of the real world won’t apply; anyone caught using, holding or dealing illegal substances will be treated the same way as anywhere else.

Don’t turn up drunk as you will be refused entry.


Whether it's entering, leaving or in the concert you will be required to abide by any reasonable request or command from the BASSINTHEGRASS Security. Remember that they are primarily there to keep the entire concert safe. If you need help or see someone needing help please notify them straight away. In some cases we may need to clear a path or area & security may need to react quickly. Please follow there directions if required as someone’s safety may depend on it, maybe your own.

Dry Area

An area of approximately 25 per cent of the venue will be designated ‘dry area’. This area will be clearly marked and shaded with temporary shade structures in the middle of the venue.


On arrival all bags, containers will be fully checked for alcohol. Wristbands will be issues to people over the age of 18 yrs near the entrance. Don’t forget your id! Government issued ID such as Drivers Licence, Proof of Age and Passport must be presented by people over 18 wanting to consume alcohol. Secondary and Tertiary Education ID will not be accepted.

Alcohol will only be sold to people with the wristbands at alcohol booths.

Designated security will patrol all of the wet areas at random to ensure youth are not consuming alcohol.

All alcohol booths will operate for the restricted times, from 5.00pm to 11.00pm, only four drinks to be served to any person at a time and all drinks will be opened at point of sale.

No glass will be permitted into the premises and no glass containers will be sold on the premises.

Important Safety Announcements

Between acts will be a recorded message covering crowd safety issues. In the event of a specific issue live requests will be made. Please take note of & respect these announcements. Emergency Evacuation Under extreme & unlikely circumstances a building, area or the entire site may be required to be evacuated or cleared. It will be imperative for you to follow all instructions & directions from emergency services, police, fire brigade and/or our security that would be requested of you in such a situation.

First Aid

There will be St John Ambulance officers at the venue to treat people who are genuinely ill or have injured themselves on the day.

Waste & the Environment

Where recycling stations are available please make an effort to use them.

Lost Property Items

Please ring 8999 5256 after the event.


Road closures and changes in traffic conditions around the Mindil precinct on 4 June 2005

Road Block - Gardens Road from Chin Quan Road to Gilruth Avenue will be closed to general traffic from 7am to midnight Saturday 4 June 2005

No through road – Gardens Road from Stuart Highway

No Left Turn – Gilruth Avenue onto Gardens Road

No Left Turn – Chin Quan Road onto Gardens Road

Public Car Park - located on Mindil Beach Reserve, access via Maria Liveris Drive

Bus Stop/Pickup – Botanic Gardens main Gate, Gardens Road.

Buses only will enter Gardens Road from Gilruth Avenue.

Taxi Rank – Gardens Road (Gardens Oval side).

Taxis only will enter from Chin Quan Road and exit from Gardens Road on to Gilruth.

Note : No access to car park located at the end of Geranium Street off the Stuart Highway


All normal Darwin bus services will be operating and normal fares will apply.

Back up buses will cover any overloading concerns for:

  • Route 10 Casuarina via Bagot Rd to Darwin
    Route 8 Palmerston via Stuart Highway to Darwin
    Route 4 Casuarina via Nightcliff to Darwin dropping off BASSINTHEGRASS passengers on Gilruth Ave.

On arrival at Darwin City Terminus there will be a free shuttle bus taking BASSINTHEGRASS passengers to the front gates of the Gardens on Gardens Road, then returning to Darwin City Terminus.

Route of travel for the Shuttle:

  • Darwin Terminus - Cavenagh St - Daly St - Stuart Hwy - Goyder Rd - Gardens Rd.
    Returning via Daly St – Mitchell St - Darwin Terminus.

From mid evening, buses will be departing from BASSINTHEGRASS to Casuarina and Palmerston with a suburban drop off loop.

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