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Launch Party For New Blastcorp Album ‘Chrysanthemum’

9 pm Friday 8th December 2006

Happy Yess Club

$5 Entry

With Special Guests "The Bionic Hearts"

The Making Of The Album

Blastcorp LogoAfter three years in the making, Blastcorp releases his new 10 track album entitled ‘Chrysanthemum’. Blastcorp is the project of Kris Keogh, and is best described as indietronic; a blend of heartfelt songs, wrapped in lush acoustic and electronic instrumentation. Kris has written, performed, recorded and produced everything on the album from his studio in Larrakeyah.

“I guess it’s the Prince influence coming through, if he could do everything himself, why can’t I? It’s also a case of knowing what you want. Because the album has a strong electronic element, it takes hours and hours of tweaking and refining individual sounds, something which you just can’t do when the band is waiting around for you,” Keogh said.

‘Chrysanthemum’ was originally planned to be released on Berlin / Manchester based record label City Centre Offices, which Keogh signed to in 2005. After having initial test pressings of the album made, the process ground to a halt. “Last year was tough, a real learning experience for me. I spent a lot of time dealing with a lawyer, negotiating contracts, and negotiating with the label how the album should look and sound. In the end it became clear to me that there were too many compromises involved, so I decided to continue to release my music myself.”

The album is being released on Keogh’s own Collapsed Records label, and will be the first ever Darwin release on vinyl picturediscs.Blastcorp Picture Disc “I wanted to do something special with this album, and I love the sound and feel of vinyl. I did some research and found a manufacturer in Germany that could produce vinyl picturediscs. ”Picturediscs are vinyl records with a full colour print over the entire surface of both sides of the record. The initial run will be limited to 300 hand numbered copies. The picturediscs come with a free CD of the album for those who don’t have a record player!

The Launch Party

The album will be officially launched in Darwin on Friday 8th December at Happy Yess. Blastcorp will be performing the entire album live, from start to finish. “I’m looking forward to getting the music out to the public, and for the chance to play the album live as a whole,” Keogh said.

Also performing are special guests The Bionic Hearts, who play sweet songs using just acoustic guitar and voice. “Gemma (songwriter from The Bionic Hearts) is one of Darwin’s hidden talents. It will be a pleasure to have her play,” said Keogh.

Chrysanthemum will be available from Happy Yess, from Blastcorp's website and through selected specialist music retailers throughout Australia from 8th December 2006.


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