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Darwin Entertainment

Australia’s no worries, she’ll be right mate attitude is as evident right here in Darwin as it is anywhere in the country. Those few words actually mean something to people in the Top End.

Darwin is a very relaxed, laid back, friendly, easy going city and it is these few attributes that locals (Darwinians) and visitors a like love about Darwin and the Top End in general.

Although Darwin may not be as big or sophisticated as some of its southern counterparts (and this is the way most of Darwin’s locals like it) Darwin is still a vibrant, multicultural, cosmopolitan, modern day city. Darwin still has everything you will find in the rest of Australia’s capital cities if not more.

Darwin can cater for all tastes and styles in a variety of ways. From dining out to major events, local attractions and city sights to bars, pubs and clubs (nightlife) or bands, gigs and DJ’s to shopping, foods, arts and crafts. Darwin’s got it covered.

Darwin has a large number of restaurants, cafes and dining establishments to tantalise all taste buds. After a great meal Darwin has a great variety of pubs and clubs to suit all drinking needs, there are also a lot of great bands and DJ’s doing the rounds. The very next day why not turn up at one of the many events Darwin has to offer throughout the year or one of the many markets. Then for something different visit one of the multitude of local attractions Darwin City and the Top End have just waiting to be discovered by you.

You can find information on all this and a lot more right here at whatsondarwin.com Your one stop shop and online guide to everything Darwin.

So dress up or dress down, it doesn’t really matter because Darwin’s a party town.



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