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Public / School Holidays

The Northern Territory has several public holidays in common with the rest of Australia (National Holidays) and a couple which are not celebrated in all states and unique to the Northern Territory (Darwin).

National (Australia wide) public holidays are New Years Day (January 1), Australia Day (January 26), Anzac Day (April 25), Christmas Day (December 25) and Boxing Day (December 26). The Queens Birthday public holiday is celebrated on the second Monday in June. The Christian Easter celebration falls in March or April and stretches over a weekend from Friday to Monday. Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Monday are official public holidays.

State (Northern Territory only) public holidays are May Day on the first Monday in May and Picnic Day on the first Monday in August.

There is one regional (Darwin only) public holiday. This is Darwin Show Day, which usually occurs on the last Friday in July.

School holiday (vacation) periods are popular times for local Territorians to travel with their children and can put pressure on available accommodation in smaller centres, though many take the chance to 'go camping' or travel to other states. Dates vary slightly from year to year. School children get a five day break in the second week of April and a similar one in early October. They get four weeks away from school from the last week in June to the third week in July and a six week break from a week before Christmas Day (December 25) to the day after Australia Day (January 26).



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