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Jon Stevens - Around Australia In 8 Days

8pm Saturday 26 February 2005

Discovery Nightclub - Mitchell Street Darwin

The Harbour Agency is proud to announce that Jon Stevens will be performing in 8 different states & territories in 8 days. ďAround Australia in 8 DaysĒ will see the Noiseworks and former INXS vocalist intimately perform all his hits in acoustic mode.

The 8-day journey will be filmed and recorded for a DVD and CD release. The release will coincide with a more extensive tour later this year.

Most recently, Jon Stevens, the lead vocalist of Noiseworks, performed with the band on Saturday 8th January 2005 on the steps of the Sydney Opera House at the Reach Out to Asia Tsunami Benefit Concert. The performance has been critically acclaimed nationwide and internationally. Jon Stevens, one of Australiaís greatest vocalists, led an inspiring performance which reminded Australia of the powerful impression that the band had carved out in the 80's and 90's.

Jon Stevens originally came into the attention of the Australian public with Noiseworks, who were without doubt one of the most successful bands of the 80s & 90s with over one million records sold from their 4 releases - Noiseworks, Touch, Love versus Money & Greatest Hits. In 1992, Jon Stevens ventured into a new field, receiving huge critical acclaim playing the lead role of Judas in the multiple award winning concert tour of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Jon Stevens toured the world for three years, fronting the legendary INXS.

Jon Stevens has just most recently released a new solo album. Taking its title from Jonís twenty five years in the music biz, Ainít No Life For The Faint Hearted is a redefinition of this established artistís musical direction.

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