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Missy Higgins
Ben Lee & Howie Day

Friday 14 October 2005
8.00 pm

Gardens Amphitheatre - George Brown Botanic Gardens

Artist of the Year Missy Higgins kicks off her national "concerts under the stars" in Darwin on Friday 14th October at the George Brown Botanic Gardens Amphitheatre with special guests Ben Lee and American singer songwriter Howie Day.

Since being named JJJ Unearthed winner, Missy Higgins has had an extraordinary 2005. She's won MTV & APRA Awards, Rolling Stone Magazine named her "Artist Of The Year" and most of her time has been spent touring overseas.

Missy's debut album "The Sound of White" has sold 6 times platinum and the title track was the most added on Australian radio last week. The fourth and final CD single - "The Sound Of White" will be released today and includes two previously unreleased original tunes - "Hold Me Tight" and "Unbroken" - both of which were recorded during the album studio sessions.

Missy has invited like-minded musical talents Ben Lee and Howie Day to be special guests on the national tour.

"I want to be a part of a night of music that I would really enjoy as a fan", the 21 year old explains. "Each of the artists on these shows is a friend of mine and I really respect their music so it's going to be great to sit outside and listen to all their songs at each of these gigs."

Indie hero Ben Lee's album "Awake Is The New Sleep" has been a platinum success story and the 2nd single Catch My Disease" is currently the most played song on radio.

Ben says "Missy and I recorded our albums down the road from each other last year. We went to barbeques together after work sometimes and we like each other's music. That's reason enough to tour together in my book."

Howie Day's experiences on the road with Sting, Jack Johnson, Sheryl Crow and others are explored in his latest album Stop All The World Now. Missy toured with Howie in America and the highly acclaimed new album will be released in Australia to coincide with this tour.

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