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Snakes Gods & Deities Freedom From Fear

7pm Wednesday 25 - Sunday 29 August 2004
9pm Friday 27 & Saturday 28 August 2004

Gardens Park Golf Links - Chin Quan Road Darwin

Performed beneath a magnificent moonlit rain tree canopy, Tracks Dance in collaboration with Sri Lanka's Sama Ballet saturate the senses with their latest production Snakes Gods & Deities featuring dance and live drumming.

Surrender to the sensual beauty, mystical sounds and pounding energy of a surreal journey through a world of darkness and light where fear has no cultural boundaries.

Inspired by Tracks Co-Director Tim Newth's Asialink cultural residency in Sri Lanka, the local / international cast of Snakes Gods & Deities will empower, astound, enrich and enlighten.

Dances have been created to ward off fear or 'evil' within many cultures and can incite an audience, instilling fear and heightened emotional states. Dance also has the power to transform, changing fear to joy and darkness to light.

"Travelling through Sri Lanka, I am drawn to the culture and seek out as much dance as possible. I witness all night rituals where dancers perform for the Gods in order to heal a community experiencing misfortune or sickness.

One day while meditating sitting cross-legged on the floor, something lands on my knee. When I feel the same sensation on the other knee, curiosity gets the better of me and I open my eyes to see a snake wrapping itself around my leg. Fear is with me. Joyous at each new cultural experience, I sense fear every week as I cross paths with a snake." Tim Newth.

A highlight of the Darwin Festival calendar, Snakes Gods & Deities will be staged at the Gardens Park Golf Links (yet another unique Tracks performance venue) and sumptuous Sri Lankan food (additional to ticket price) will be available pre-show from 6pm.

The Sama Ballet preserves and presents traditional dance forms intact and creativity extends to experimenting with new forms and ideas. Their philosophy is to promote peace and communal, religious and social harmony amongst the peoples of the world through dance, music and other performing arts.

Tickets for Snakes Gods & Deities are $20 Full, $18 Friends and $12 Preview / Concession.

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